Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Life as a Writer

As a child, I lived a fantasy life in which I figured primarily as a horse, running, bucking, and leaping with rippling black long mane and tail and a coat of sparkling gold.....I preferred to create murals of herds of horses in spectacular colors, racing across a plain. I recall that the horses seemed to be Indian pony inspirations, many pintos and Appaloosas mixed in with the buckskins and bays. All of them had a story to tell and I entertained myself for hours.
Then I discovered reading stories. I read everything from Dr. Suess to Ariel and Will Durant's History of Civilization before age 10. I could not imagine there were enough books to be found to satisfy my passion for the words and stories in them.
And then I tasted the power and exhiliration of writing down a story to enthrall someone else. Is there any greater feeling? I was 11 years old. I started with TV scripts and screenplays, lovingly putting in stage directions and scene markers as if I had always written for television. I recall writing a weekly script for Man from UNCLE and the Monkees. I wrote TV pilots without knowing that is what they were called.....for the Beatles to have a weekly TV show.
None of those remain in existence of course. But that energy flowed in me for the next 7 years without fail.
Then I encountered doubt in myself for the first time. It was introduced by a man in my life, and that is another story.
So here I am so many years later and I am going to find that thrill again and not stop until I have a story to tell that fills me with that exhiliration once again.

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